Enlightened Self-Improvement Program

The Enlightened Self-Improvement Program takes a holistic approach to personal development that works to awaken your mind, body and spirit. Here you'll discover highly effective strategies and tools specifically designed and chosen to accerate the growth process.

Mind Awakening

You've Got To Get Your Mind Right

Awakening your mind is enlightening in itself. When the mind is content the body can start to heal and the Spirit can start to rise. When the mind is in turmoil its connection to the body is very weak severely inhibiting mind/body communication.

Stress overtime take a major toll on the body weakening the heart and other vital organs. When the heart begins to weaken blood flow slows to the rest of the body, especially the brain. Less blood flowing to the brain the less oxygen. This dramatically affects brain function including higher reasoning, focus, concentration and memory.

Stress destroys synchronicity within the brain and heart causing imbalances and many other undesirable effects. So, how do I restore my brains synchronicity? Below are several very powerful and effective ways to regain cerebral symmetry and synchronicity.