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Greater Salem News Ohio Inspiration For The Masses. Here you'll find information about personal development and spiritual awakening. Our personal development plan works on all levels to maximize health benefits. Holistic health and wellness is about actively engaging yourself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What Is Enlightened Self-Improvement?

The Enlightened Self-Improvement System has two parts and  is all about personal health and wellness. Holistic Personal Development Plan engages your physical, mental and emotional sides. The Guide To Spiritual Awakening improves and enhances your personal spirituality through modern meditation meditation.

Personal development and advancement on all levels is the only way to experience the wonderful splendors of whole body health and wellness. Holistic health is achieved by actively engaging yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The spiritual aspect of personal development is talked about in the spiritual awakening guide. However, forms of meditation is are essential in the advancement on the other levels.

In the Holistic Personal Development Plan meditation is an important to achieve balance and harmony.Meditation is great for vastly improving focus and concentration. You can find more about meditation here.

What is Enlightened Self-Improvement?

Its Time You Know What Health Really Feels Like. Now is the time.The time to get to know your self and what you are really made of.

Personal Development Plan

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Faith and trust in yourself and your personal abilities is the biggest obstacle you'll face in life. Feeling powerless about what happens to you and around you is highly discouraging. This down feeling often leads to constant indifference in regards to personal choices and life path. When it comes to personal development and advancement indifference is a huge motivation killer.

Positivity Enlightenment

Positivity is the secret behind real personal development and advancement. There are many new break-throughs  is science that definitively proves an energy field surrounds the human body. The bio-electric field is the scientific name. However, for many years this energetic field Is known as the aura.

The Law of Attraction says that in the universe like attracts like. In other words, you get back what you put in. Its like the universe and everyone in it is a mirror reflecting the energy put out by you directly back at you. Feelings shape how we perceive the status of relationships and the world around us.

The key to transformation is perception. Feelings shape our perceptions so changing how we feel is how to transform your life and alter your life path into a more positive direction.

New Challenges & Opportunities

Are you afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities? My question to you is "Why?". The key to enjoying life

The  Enlightened Self-Improvement System Holistic Health Guides tackle key benchmarks across core aspects such as physical fitness, brain training, emotional stability, and spiritual development.  We love to discover things and to explore the world around and within us. Each day presents so many opportunities for us to learn and grow. 

This website is one of many tools you can use to setup building blocks for whole body personal development and spiritual awakening.

Enlightened Self-Improvement System

Personal Development & Spiritual Awakening

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