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Guide To Surviving Spiritual Awakening

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Thank you for visiting the Enlightened Self-Improvement Website. On this page you'll find the enlightened Self-Improvement Guide To Surviving Spiritual Awakening.

This is a special guide for people going through something personal they can't understand, yet. Smart highly conscious people that have for a time lost their way from the daily distractions and stresses in daily life.

The Enlightened Self-Improvement Guide To Surviving Spiritual Awakening is specifically designed to accommodate the fast paces lives of Americans. Below you'll find answers to many questions you may be asking yourself.

Questions like "What is spiritual awakening?",  "How do I know if I'm going through a spiritual awakening?",  and "I'm not religious, but is it still possible for me to even experience a spiritual awaking?". Questions such as these and many more are answered below on this page below.

Life Can Be So Stressful

Everyday life for Americans can be so stressful. Holidays, work, family issues the list goes on and on. Every time you  turn around something new comes up causing more stress. It truly feels like as soon as you think your ahead, BAM! Another stressful problems pops up.

Soon that stress turns into anxiety. Then it becomes tension manifesting in as muscle pain and headaches. Stress has the powerful ability to transform a healthy, fit person into someone weak and sickly seemingly overnight. It feels  like its a never ending battle. I am here to tell you there is a new way to live life stress-free.

  • Do you feel depressed, emotional, mental and physical tension?
  • Do you want to slow down your chattering mind?
  • Do you feel the need to find a sense of direction in your life?

Discover a more effective way of dealing with a state of tension and anxiety and learn to embrace it rather than denying it. Learning how to break the pattern of"challenge equals stress" involves understanding the importance and influential power the mind-body connection has on your life.

Something to Ease the Stress?

Looking for something to ease the stress your feeling? The ancient art of meditation works to expand mind and body awareness, maximize health, reduce stress and maintain overall health and wellness. Maintaining a good level of health and wellness is about developing a new ability to relax in stressful situations and greater tolerance for others.

The basic breathing technique employed by meditation encourages the release of stress, restoring the natural flow of energy throughout the entire body. By learning to relax mentally and physically you are able to deal with situations without stress and to respond more openly and freely.

Meditation deals with stress by relaxing the muscles. Fundamentally meditation teaching people to relax the body and mind instead of tensing in a stressful situations. Transform the tension stress raises into an alert and mindful state.

Practicing meditation strengthens the mental and physical connection, so that the body and mind becomes reprogrammed to be much more aware of the internal and external environment. The overall tension in the body falls significantly.

Spiritual Awakening Survival Guide
Questions & Answers

People going through a spiritual awakening often experience many signs and symptoms. Many highly conscious people notice something different about themselves. Changes that are occurring within ones life that are inexplicable and not easy explained.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening signs most commonly experienced is seeing repeating number sequences such as 11:11 and 1:23. Increased psychic/clairvoyant abilities and intuitive skills. Other signs include acute sensitivity to the negative energy and/or crowded environments, such as, shopping malls. friends and family.

The feeling you are different and just don't fit it to previous groups any more. Noticeable inability to tolerate someone with whom you had a close relationship. Sudden awareness of repeating patterns in relationships and life in general.

You may also have a sudden desire to "find yourself" aka "soul searching" and/or look for ways to develop and expand your spiritual side and learn more about your personal spirituality.

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening symptoms include diagnosis of mental disorders and imbalances like bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc. The feeling of pressure and/or tingling in top of head is also a significant symptom. Experiencing flu like symptoms sometimes called the vibrational flu.

Stress is a real pain in the neck for nearly everyone these days.The vast majority of American's are constantly going through one stressful event after another. If fact, many of us have learned to use it as a source of motivation to achieve goals.

Unfortunately, using stress as a driving force behind our actions eventually takes a huge toll on our bodies. The truly sad part is long before the physical signs begin to show on the outside internal body systems are already beginning to weaken.

Positive Personal Transformation

The key to transforming your life and lifestyle in the most positive way is to start small with your most basic habits. Small changes that set your directional compass in your desired direction without making waves. You want to make subtle moves at first that don't disrupt your life or cause any annoyances.

Why? Because you can't give yourself any excuse to throw in the towel. Lets face it. We live in a world of instant gratification. So, you've got to keep all this under the radar until you begin to see positive results you can leverage against making the decision to quit.

The Importance's of Self-Worth

Changing bad habits is about convincing yourself you are important enough to do it in the first place. Self-worth is not about building up the ego or thinking highly of yourself. Enhanced self worth is about understanding your importance and influential power of the people you frequently come into contact with everyday.

People, especially children, are highly susceptible to exposure to repeated behavioral habits good or bad. Whether imaginary television characters or close friends and family most people are easily impressionable when exposed  to repeated habits. Unconsciously picking up habits from others is a form of mental programming.

We humans possess this ability to absorb important environmental cues automatically as a survival trait. The degree of awareness of this ability varies widely. However, with proper self-control one can train the mind to consciously choose to filter out undesired behavioral characteristics and accept behaviors we believe are beneficial to us.