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Are you looking for something to fire you up?Something that sparks your creative juices and gets your motor running on all 8 cylinders. Great! Because everything here is designed to inspire. 

Check out our inspiring quotes page if that's what you like.  -- Or take a jont on the inspiring video board walk. 

Everything you need to get inspired and stay motivated you can find right here. 

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Youngstown Ohio's official inspiration and holistic healing website.The purpose of this new website is to inspire and motivate our fellow family, friends and neighbors to start living happier, healthier lifestyles.

Do you suffer from to much stress? Stress is the core of most chronic health problems. Stress has become a hallmark of most American life style.

There is just not enough time in the day to do anything about it. If stress is negatively affecting your life and you are ready to make a change this is the place for you.

Are you ready for a change? If you are ready for a positive change get ready.You're about to find out how to change your life for the better and start living the life you deserve. 

I am here to tell you its time to stop living in the past and worrying about the future and begin to start enjoying the present.

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"The Time of Your Life Is Now!"

Understanding your potential for living a longer healthy life is a matter taking a little initiative. Good thing your an open minded individual these things that we're about to talk about are contrary to what we're taught.

Even if you are a little hard headed you are still going to read on because number one your naturally a curious person and number two everything here is presented in a logical format and practical quick easy read with lots of facts, quotes, and links to corroborating information.

6 Key Elements for Building a Solid Foundation

The secret to living a healthy, happy life is the six points i am about to tell you. The six points are inspiration, motivation, intention, love, desire and belief.  Without even one of these points personal success on a daily scale becomes difficult.

Inspiration. Inspiration is something that make you feel alive. It can be a song lyric, poem, person or an act of kindness.





Love. Love for one's self, the people close to you and the place you are in is paramount if you truly want to make positive changes in your life.

Greater Health Starts Here With You

Are you ready for a new view on health? Becoming healthy is thought of widely as a right. Something you earn or something that is given to you. This is a popular perception that without guidance would seem correct to anyone. I am here to tell you I once felt the same way. I was very wrong. Health is not a right, it is a responsibility.

Why is my health and well-being so important? Good mental, physical and emotional personal health is vital to your spiritual growth.

Good health is a relative term. The idea of good health is relative to the individuals preconceived beliefs, notions, and ideas toward the subject. Nevertheless, good health is not only within your reach, great heath is at your finger tips.

Stress Is the Core Of Most Health Problems

The most overlooked, taken advantage up thing that is vitally important to your survival is breathing. Proper breathing techniques teach you how to breathe naturally. Watch videos or read our how to guide which ever your prefer.

One Person Can Make A Difference


What Is Meditation?
Benefits of Meditation


What Is Yoga?
Benefits of Yoga 


What is Pilates?
Benefits of Pilates? 


What Is Tai Chi?
Benefits of Tai Chi

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