Enlightened Self-Improvement Guide

The Enlightened Self-Improvement Program takes a holistic approach to personal development that works to awaken your mind, body and spirit. Here you'll discover highly effective strategies and tools specifically designed and chosen to accelerate the growth process.

Part 1: Brain Training

Brain balance and synchronicity is key to unlocking its full potential. There are many ways to accomplishing this task. In this section I’ll show you several different exercises and tools to regain control over your brain.

First, you’ll learn a simple mental exercises that will bring greater balance, clarity and cohesiveness with in the brain. Second, you’ll learn how positive thinking can dramatically improve your mood and attitude towards life. Third, you’ll learn about how one amazingly powerful piece of software can reprogram your thinking habits and help you enter any state of mind you desire.

Mental Exercises - Whole brain thinking exercises listed here will help improve your attention span, bring greater balance and clarity and give you an overall sense of togetherness mentally.

Mental Exercise #1 – Writing Exercise This exercise is the easiest and take very little time to complete. All you need is a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. Using your least dominant writing hand practice writing your first and last name.

Do this over and over until the whole page is filled. Pay no attention to where on the paper your writing or how big or how small. When you feel you’ve fill the entire paper with your name flip the paper over.

Next, you want to do the exact same thing except this time focus on writing numbers and shapes. When you’ve finished with this flip the paper over again to the side your name is written. Look closely at how much more legible your name is written as you’ve progressed. Do you notice a difference?

Lastly, take note of how you feel mentally. Get up and walk around a bit. Continue as you would any other day. You should begin to feel more together with in your brain. Concentration, focus, memory and coordination should have improved at least to some degree. Practice this writing exercise any time you start to feel frustrated and out of balance.

Mental Exercise #2 - Conscious Walking - This exercise is primary used for increasing attention span and improving self-awareness.(Find an open space) Find some place open with plenty of room to walk around disturbs. You can maximize your results by walking bare foot in grass, but it is not required to get the benefits.

Once you’ve found somewhere you’re comfortable with stop for a moment, put your hands behind your back, close your eyes and take three slow and deep breaths. Doing this helps calm and clear the mind.

Keep your hands behind your back and begin to slowly and deliberately walk. As you walk keep your eyes focused on the ground directly in front of your feet. Relax your eyes so that the ground in the periphery of your vision is clearly visible. Do this for as long as you wish. However, the longer you spend on this exercise the greater the benefits.

Mental Exercise #3 - Step Counting Exercise This exercise can take a little more effort at first. Especially, when trying to interact with others. Helps with focus, concentration and attention. Also, enhancing your multi-tasking skills. You can practice this exercise shopping, jogging, doing chores or anytime you’re walking around.

All you need to do is simply count your steps. At first this may seem difficult maybe only getting to step 10 or 20 before you lose count. Don’t be discouraged. This is also meant to teach you patients as well. When you lose count simply stop, reset and start over. Before you know it after a while it will become effortless.