The Enlightened Self-Improvement Program
Guide To Living Life Enlightened

Looking for something new and different to help reduce your stress and improve your health? Great! On this page is The Enlightened Self-Improvement Program's Guide To Living Life Enlightened.

This is the first of many Inspire Greater Guides that uses a holistic approach to successful personal development. Focusing on providing unique strategies, tools, and tips you need to empower yourself for making real long-lasting positive life changes.


Stress Is A Pain In The Ass

Stress is a real pain in the neck for nearly everyone these days.The vast majority of American's are constantly going through one stressful event after another.

If fact, many of us have learned to use it as a source of motivation to achieve goals. Unfortunately, using stress as a driving force behind our actions eventually takes a huge toll on our bodies.

The truly sad part is long before the physical signs begin to show on the outside internal body systems are already beginning to weaken.

Up until now using stress to your advantage to move forward in life has been beneficial.  However, riding the stress wave can't go on forever. Clearly that's why your here,right?

Your looking for an alternative approach to getting things done with the perks and benefits stressful living once gave you, but without all the negative side effect like premature aging and other health problems.

Habitual Change: Start Small Grow Big

The key to transforming your life and lifestyle in the most positive way is to start small with your most basic habits. Small changes that set your directional compass in your desired direction without making waves. You want to make subtle moves at first that don't disrupt your life or cause any annoyances.

Why? Because you can't give yourself any excuse to throw in the towel. Lets face it. We live in a world of instant gratification. So, you've got to keep all this under the radar until you begin to see positive results you can leverage against making the decision to quit.

Changing bad habits is about convincing yourself you are important enough to do it in the first place. Self-worth is not about building up the ego or thinking highly of yourself.

Enhanced self worth is about understanding your importance and influential power of the people you frequently come into contact with everyday.

People, especially children, are highly susceptible to exposure to repeated behavioral habits good or bad. Whether imaginary television characters or close friends and family most people are easily impressionable when exposed  to repeated habits.

Unconsciously picking up habits from others is a form of mental programming. We humans possess this ability to absorb important environmental cues automatically as a survival trait.The degree of awareness of this ability varies widely.

However, with proper self-control one can train the mind to consciously choose to filter out undesired behavioral characteristics and accept behaviors we believe are beneficial to us.