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Welcome To Inspire Greater!

Are you ready for a change? If so, you've come to the right place. Here you'll learn new and exciting ways to enhance your life and life style.

There are many great websites out there focused on self-improvement in one area or another. However, this website, the one your visiting right now is unique.

"Why?" you ask. Well thats easy. We are dedicated to helping you grow not just on one level, but all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The purpose of this website is to help you recognize and overcome problems that occur during the spiritual awakening process. It is not required for you to understand spiritual awakening to benefit from this guide. However, in order to maximize your results it is necessary to at least know the basics.

The process of spiritual awakening is about becoming one with yourself on all levels: mind, body and spirit. It is a common misconception that the mind, the body and the spirit are individual parts completely separated from each other. In reality they are all parts of the same whole.

There are a lot of negative signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening that stem from a disconnection between the mind and body.

The mind and body are in constant contact responding to each other needs. However, when this communication breaks down both the mind and body weaken resulting in mental instability and physical health degradation.

Self-discovery helps you  grow and expand as a person usually over a long period of time. This guide is meant to accelerate and facilitate personal growth and expansion through intentional self-discovery. 

What do I mean by intentional self-discovery?  The process of discovering oneself occurs overtime usually by accident through life experiences and/or events. On the contrary, intentional self-discovery is when one takes positive action towards learning and improving upon oneself. 

In order to learn about oneself you must first learn to quietly observe yourself. The easiest way to start is by becoming more aware of your thoughts.  Simply take notice of how you tend to think about yourself and others. 

In won't take long before you become more aware of your thinking habits. As  awareness of your thoughts gets greater so does your ability to make changes.

Why are my thoughts so important? The origin of of every word, action and feeling can be traced back to a single thought. Depending on which mood we're in or what attitude we have determines how we view the world and the things that take place in it. 

When setting out to make long lasting positive changes it is vitally important to build a solid foundation. Otherwise, your success will be shallow and short lived. In this case, the quality and strength of the foundation we are building depends largely on the quality and strength of thought we use lay it.